1.How can I see the property?

just call us to get an appointment to see the property. If you are residing out of Sri Lanka, you may send someone on your behalf to see the property. Please ask him to contact our office to get an appointment.

2.How can I know the legal status of the property?

The legality of the property and the title clearance can be verified through a Title Report. If you are satisfied with the property, a Title Report, if requested, will be prepared for you by one of our lawyers. A nominal fee will be charged for this. You will be informed of the charges for additional legal and other services.

3.How can I know about other facilities available in the area?

We will provide you all the details of services and facilities available (public and other) in the area. Just give us a call or send a mail.

4.What are the regulations and restrictions imposed by the local authorities and other government agencies with regard to the construction of buildings?

Regulations and restrictions vary on the location of the property. Regulations and restrictions imposed by a Municipal Council are different from those of an Urban Council. All such information will be provided to you once you have decided on a particular property.

5.How can I purchase this property while I am away?

You can appoint someone living in Sri Lanka to be your “attorney” with a Power of Attorney signed by you. Registration of such a Power of Attorney in Sri Lana can be undertaken by us once you have decided to purchase the property. Our panel of lawyers will be available for such legal services.

6.What are the government taxes and other costs involved when purchasing a property?

The government has imposed a different tax and laid down other regulations for foreign nationals in buying real estate in Sri Lanka. Details can be obtained on request. For Sri Lankan nationals the applicable statutory fees are: – 30US$ for the first 1,000 US$ of the purchase price plus 40US$ for each additional 1,000 US$. Professional charges of lawyers preparing and attesting the Deeds will be 3%. (Overall cost is 7% of the purchasing price which includes tax and registration).

7.I have a property in Sri Lanka. Can I advertise in your website and sell it through your company and how much it will cost me?

Yes. It will cost you nothing. What you have to do is to come to an agreement with Shuqak Property on the terms of selling the property. We undertake to visit the property, obtain photographs and prepare a write-up, entering data in our data bank and give the best service to you to sell the property at the highest possible price and at the earliest possible time. Please contact us for further details.